Hedge fund billionaire files for divorce after 11-year marriage

Texas couples considering divorce might be interested in a recent case involving the founder of a renowned hedge fund firm in Chicago, who filed for divorce from his 43-year-old wife on July 23. The 45-year-old man cited ‘irreconcilable differences,” according to the filing.

The man and woman have been married for 11 years. Reportedly, they signed a prenuptial agreement in 2003, when the couple married. According to attorneys for the 45-year-old man, the agreement governs all nuptial issues, including ‘maintenance and the division of marital and non-marital property.” Purportedly, the 45-year-old man is a billionaire. The hedge fund firm he founded is valued at approximately $20 billion. According to authorities, the divorce will not affect the firm’s finances.

According to a representative for the 43-year-old wife, she could not respond to the filing because her husband had not given her prior notice. The wife reportedly left for a summer vacation with the couple’s kids when the husband filed for divorce. According to the filing, the partners have been separated for the past year.

They also have three children together, all of whom are under the age of six. In the filing, the husband requests a joint custody order.

Divorces can be complex and highly contentious. This is especially true regarding couples with many valuable assets. For this reason, it is imperative that individuals who wish to dissolve their marriage retain the counsel and representation of a family law lawyer. Being versed and familiar with the dynamic matters of family law is vital when attempting to navigate the asset-division process in a divorce. The attorney may not only articulate but also employ effectual strategies for obtaining a favorable settlement.

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