Getting a divorce in Texas when uncontested

A divorce usually entails determining a plan for any children a couple might have and dividing property and debts. An individual can get a divorce in Texas if they or their spouse have lived in the state for six months or longer. However, a couple usually cannot finalize a divorce while a wife is pregnant so that information about the baby can be put in a divorce decree. This applies even if the other spouse is not the father of the child.

To receive a divorce, one must download and fill out the proper forms, file and make copies of the divorce petition, give a spouse notice and wait for a response. A divorce is contested if a spouse does not agree to the terms one sent, and a divorce is uncontested if a spouse agrees to sign a divorce decree and waivers or does not answer during the appropriate period.

A couple must complete a Decree of Divorce that will be signed by a judge. This decree usually includes things like property division, a parenting plan and any spousal or child support agreements. When both partners and a judge have signed the proper paperwork, one must bring the documents to the District Clerk’s Office for filing. The divorce process takes at least two months after the Original Petition for Divorce is filed.

Many couples are not automatically in agreement when starting the divorce process, but this does not mean a divorce is contested. If a couple disagrees on some issues like property division or alimony, mediation could help a couple communicate and make decisions. When an individual requires additional help during their divorce, seeking out the knowledge of a family law attorney could prove to be beneficial.