Is February the unofficial divorce month?

Men and women who are stuck in bad relationships often stick it out until after Valentine’s Day. But starting on February 15, all bets are off. In fact, spouses can find themselves served with divorce papers before Valentine’s Day roses start wilting.

The simple truth is that when the most romantic holiday of the year passes, the procrastination ends, and the busy season begins for divorce lawyers.

A recent study confirmed the post-Valentine’s Day increase in divorce activity: February divorce filings are about 18 percent higher than those in an average month. This statistic becomes all the more remarkable when you consider that February is also the shortest month of the year.

In the legal community, January is a boom month for bankruptcies, but February is a boom month for divorces.

What exactly is behind this phenomenon?

“On Valentine’s Day, [people] take stock of things,” said one expert.

In other words, when they look around and see happy, loving couples on television and in restaurants, they may realize that their relationships don’t measure up to their ideals. Rather than keep trying for another year, they opt to call it quits right then and there in February.

The holiday isn’t the only reason people file for divorce in February. Believe it or not, some experts believe that the cold weather in many parts of the country may be to blame. Specifically, it forces people indoors, where cabin fever drives them to their wit’s end.

Finally, some experts theorize that financial problems caused by holiday overspending often become unbearable in February, or that a spouse who has a lover on the side may be forced to choose between the two on February 14.

Strong relationships will survive, but, for individuals who want to experience a more romantic Valentine’s Day next year, February may be the time to see a divorce lawyer.

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