Divorce Mediation Attorney

In divorce mediation, a neutral third-party mediator works with the two sides to resolve outstanding issues. It affords more privacy than going to court, and gives both sides a greater feeling of being in control of the process. For these reasons, and because it is nonbinding, it is usually less tense than regular divorce proceedings.

In Texas, divorce mediation has evolved into a settlement deal where the two sides work toward an agreement as a last resort before going to trial. It is not a kind of uncontested divorce, but it might be described as lightly contested. If one or both parties are extremely angry, or determined to hurt the other, mediation may not work.

To Mediate a Divorce, or Not to Mediate?

Mediated divorce works best when there is sufficient goodwill between the two parties that one or two serious issues have a good chance of resolution. It is an approach favored by couples with significant marital property, who prefer to keep information about their assets out of the courts, and out of the public eye.

When financial questions are extremely intricate, however, mediation may not be appropriate. Standard negotiations drawing on the expertise of tax and financial advisors may serve the two parties better.

It is also not an advisable approach for individuals who have experienced abuse, or whose children suffered abuse, at the other spouse’s hands.

A Caring Attorney For A Kinder, Gentler Divorce By Mediation

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