Divorce binge turns into a diet – but only for some

Some will say that there was something called a “divorce binge,” which began in the 1970s. This overconsumption carried on for a decade or two. However, recently, most sources note a decrease in divorce numbers, within one exception: divorce rates for those over 50 years of age have doubled in the last two decades.

Why is this occurring? Some attribute the “gray divorce” trend to the fact that children of this generation have moved out of the home, women are participators in the workforce (and very self-sufficient) and the Internet provides people with hope of a better future with someone other their current spouses.

While ending a divorce can be very difficult, it turns out that the process is much easier for the gray generation. For one, those ending a marriage later in life are less likely to have child support obligations, child custody issues and other similar duties. With an easier transition into a new life, those divorcing later in life will have ample time for new hobbies or old interests. For example, one might join a book club, start cooking classes or begin working out. A new beginning means more time to focus on personal needs.

Divorce is never simple; however, it appears that the transition is smoother for those approaching 50 and above. If you would like to learn more about how a divorce might affect you, contact an experienced family law attorney in your local area. A lawyer can help you evaluate your particular situation as you move into your new life.

Source: Examiner.com, “Divorce after 50,” Renee Fisher, April 10, 2013