Did your marriage recently end? Consider throwing a divorce party

Most people probably associate party invitations promising balloons, streamers, music and a cake with a birthday, anniversary or retirement. The last thing they probably imagine is a party centered around a divorce.

However, that is precisely what is happening across the nation, as more and more people are throwing “divorce parties” to celebrate the official end of their marriage and start of a new life.

In fact, those interested in throwing such a gala, need not travel any further than their local bakery and party stores for the necessary supplies.

The windows of many bakeries are now filled with divorce-themed cakes – often alongside the wedding cakes – while party vendors are selling everything from bumper stickers (reading “Just Divorced”) to personalized invitations.

While you would naturally think that these parties would focus on criticizing/bashing a former spouse to a certain degree, this is actually far from the truth.

More than anything, divorce parties are meant to celebrate the person’s re-entry into the dating world after a period of mourning over the end of their marriage.

“I’ll be celebrating the re-birth of myself and finding myself again, so it’s exciting,” said recently divorced Kirsten Dean, who held a divorce party with three other divorced friends.

These divorce parties are also helping the recently divorced learn how to embrace another important aspect of being newly single: financial autonomy.

“Yes, the places I want to go, starting my own business and I have more flexibility with my own money, which is good,” said Ingrid Rodriguez, one of the aforementioned four planning on throwing a divorce party.

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