Custody dispute involving 1 of the Gosselin kids

Texas residents who enjoy reality television shows will likely be familiar with Jon Gosselin. The 38-year-old father was a titular character on the popular show “Jon & Kate Plus 8” until he was booted from the program following a contentious 2009 divorce. Gosselin’s ex-wife received primary custody of the couple’s eight children, and the show continued after being renamed “Kate Plus 8.” While Jon may no longer appear regularly on television screens across the country, he continues to be material for gossip columnists.

The latest media reports concerning Gosselin involve a possible child custody dispute. However, the former television star is said to be seeking custody of only one of his children. The rumored legal action is thought to be motivated by claims of cruel treatment from her mother made by Gosselin’s 11-year-old daughter. The girl is also said to have told her father that she no longer wishes to appear on her mother’s popular television show.

Custody disputes involving one of several children are rare but not unheard of, and legal experts say that Gosselin will find it difficult to convince a court that separating his daughter from her siblings is in her best interests. Observers also point out that allegations of abuse made by a child so young are likely to be treated with a degree of skepticism by the courts unless they can be substantiated.

Child custody disputes can be an ordeal for parents and children alike, and claims of abuse or neglect are not uncommon. These kind of allegations can take a severe toll on all concerned, and an experienced family law attorney will likely advocate vigorously on behalf of a parent facing such claims. However, an attorney could also seek to make custody disputes less contentious by attempting to find common ground and reminding parents that the welfare of their children is at stake.