Couples have options on settling divorces

On behalf of Wayne Ward of Law Office of V. Wayne Ward posted in Divorce on Tuesday, July 12, 2016.

Divorces can be unpleasant experiences, often resulting in expensive court battles, but Texas couples have several options that can make the process less painful. In many cases it depends upon how well the estranged spouses can communicate with each other.

The uncontested divorce is the least painful and expensive. This happens when couples work out such issues as division of assets, and child custody and support. Litigated divorces are at the other end of the spectrum. These may occur if couples can’t agree on anything, and the court process is often lengthy and expensive.

In between these two extremes are mediation and collaboration as ways to settle divorces. Both of these ways can be less expensive and time-consuming than litigation, which remains an option if these methods don’t pan out. Mediation has been growing in popularity in recent years. With this method, an impartial third party chosen by mutual agreement listens to both sides and then suggests ways the couple can compromise on contentious issues.

The collaborative method uses a team approach to solving divorce-related issues. Each spouse has their own attorney, and then picks a team of experts to guide them through the decision process. Team members can include a mental health professional to provide emotional support and a financial adviser for money issues.

Which option to choose depends on the spouses and their individual situations. A family law attorney may be able to explain the various options and help a person decide which one would work best. The termination of a marriage can often be painful, but choosing the right option may help ease this trauma.