Country singer Trace Adkins heading for divorce court

When a marriage breaks down before the kids have reached the age of majority, issues can be complex. When stories about divorce are covered in the news, the tales may often involve high-profile cases. The media may turn to the financials, covering who gets what asset. But, even in high-net worth divorce proceedings, when children are involved, the issues of child custody, visitation and child support can be emotional topics in the real world.

Sources say that Rhonda Adkins has filed for divorce from country singer Trace Adkins. While the divorce will not be decided under Texas law, the early reports may be helpful to our Fort Worth readers in understanding some of the kinds of issues that may be more universal than one might think.

Early stories concerning the celebrity divorce do not speculate about prenuptial agreements or property division issues (although, Ms. Adkins is requesting the she be named as the beneficiary of the country star’s life insurance policy). The reported potential issues (at this point) involve child custody and support issues. Ms. Adkins is seeking primary residential custody of the couple’s three daughters. She is also seeking child support and alimony.

The terminology used in divorce papers may vary from state to state. The rules of family court may also vary. In Texas, child custody issues are generally considered through the lens of the best interests of the child. The legalese in Texas includes terms such as conservatorship in lieu of custody, possibly in part to reflect the focus on the best interests of the child.

But, under Texas law, creating a parenting plan to set forth the actual schedules for when the children will be with each parent may be vital in resolving a custody and visitation dispute. The law generally allows for flexibility, especially when the divorcing parents reach a resolution to the issues without litigation.

A Fort Worth family law attorney can help a divorcing parent in navigating the legalese used in Texas, and help a person to work toward a resolution that works under the individual circumstances.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “Trace Adkins’ wife files for divorce after 16 years of marriage,” Christie D’Zurilla, March 26, 2014