Could preparing for divorce actually strengthen a marriage?

Very few Texas couples, either married or considering marriage, would be excited over the prospect of openly discussing divorce. In fact, for most it seems that merely bringing the topic up to a spouse displays weakness or lack of commitment. However, contrary to this belief, those that have regrettably experienced just how devastating and costly a divorce can be first hand may recognize that preparedness often supersedes trepidation.

Experts agree that one of the most efficient and effective ways both parties in a marriage can protect themselves from divorce is through a prenuptial agreement. While to some such an agreement appears tantamount to planning for failure, the benefits very arguably outweigh such superficial drawbacks. For instance, the risk of unfairly losing out on large sums of money or property is generally significantly reduced.

Additionally, some believe that forming a prenuptial agreement with a spouse can actually strengthen a marriage. For example, having the knowledge that many of one’s assets will be safe and secure in the event of a divorce can allow both parties to act in a more trusting manner. Plus, sitting down to discuss such important matters with a spouse, especially a new one, can be a great way to learn more about one another.

Regardless of whether or not a prenuptial agreement is made by a couple, one will still exist. The difference is that couples choosing not to form such an agreement leave the matter entirely up to governmental rules and regulations. For couples living in Texas, a divorce is most efficiently handled when both parties manage to agree to end the crisis quickly before too many complications arise; already existing prenuptial agreements can go a long way towards achieving this end.

Source:, 10 Reasons to Get a Prenup, Danielle Warchol, Sept. 6, 2013