Children’s reactions to a divorce of their parents

When Texas parents are having marital problems, their children are likely to suffer, even if the parents attempt to hide their issues. Even if adults do not argue in front of children, most kids are able to tell that there is tension or something not right.

There is no question that when a couple decides to end their marriage that their young children will be affected, but it may be a good idea to not prolong the matter. When children do not know if their parents are going to be getting a divorce, it may be more difficult for them than if parents decide to split up.

Once parents decide to officially end their marriage, children can begin to move on and adjust to their new situation. Until that time, especially if one parent is no longer living at home, kids are stuck not only not knowing what will happen but also being distressed about what is going on with their parents.

Should a couple decide to go through with a divorce, there are a variety of issues that they will need to sort out. Along with questions of custody and visitation, people will also need to make decisions related to asset division and if one person is responsible for spousal or child support. Couples may choose to have a mediated divorce, but if they cannot come to an agreement on matters related to the divorce, they may need to resort to the courtroom. In many cases, an attorney for a divorcing client can assist in negotiating both a parenting plan as well as a settlement agreement that addresses other issues.