Child Health Insurance After Divorce: Who’s Responsible?

As you negotiate the division of your assets during your divorce, it’s important to consider health insurance for your children. Your child will need protection should an accident or health condition occur. It is both you and your spouse’s responsibility to ensure your child has proper health insurance coverage.

Understanding Your Child’s Health Insurance After Divorce

Most of the time, the child will have coverage under one parent’s employer-sponsored plan or the other’s, depending on which is more cost-effective. In some cases, a child is covered by both parents’ employee-sponsored plans, resulting in double coverage.
If employer-sponsored plans are unavailable, parents must purchase insurance for their child. In this case, both parents may split the cost for each premium payment. The amount each spouse will pay will depend on other financial obligations and is often considered when negotiating child support payments.

Who’s Responsible for Out-of-Pocket Costs?

Out-of-pocket costs such as co-pays and uncovered services are typically negotiated during divorce negotiations. Most of the time, these expenses are split between both parents, but it can also depend on the other financial obligations of each parent.
For example, if the father brings home considerably higher wages while the mother works part-time, the father may be responsible for the bulk of the cost. The court will take this type of factor, along with numerous others, when making the decision as to who bears which costs.

Other Insurance Considerations After Divorce

Your child, depending on their age, may be required to have coverage under other insurance plans such as auto insurance. Car insurance, maintenance, gas, and repairs will need to be negotiated between you and your ex-spouse. If you have sole custody, your child should be covered on your car insurance. If you share custody with your ex-spouse, both of you should cover your child.
Other insurance policies such as life insurance, homeowners insurance or renters insurance should also be negotiated. We recommend reaching out to a knowledgeable child support attorney for assistance with your insurance policies after a divorce.

Proper Health Insurance Protects You & Your Child

Health conditions or accidents can occur, regardless of who is caring for your child at the moment. It’s critical to have proper health insurance for your child to make sure they receive the care they need and to protect you from overwhelming healthcare costs. To learn more about who pays for child health insurance after divorce, send us a message.