Can you adopt your same-sex partner’s biological child?

Same-sex couples in Texas that wish to adopt a child may desire more information about second-parent adoption. In a second-parent adoption, both parties to a same-sex relationship are allowed to acquire parenting rights over the biological child of one partner. Although there remain some legal hurdles for same-sex couples to overcome, any adult in the state is allowed to adopt a child.

While same-sex parents are not denied the right to adopt a child in Texas, they may not enjoy full equality in all aspects. For instance, the court will not issue a supplemental birth certificate to the parents of an adoptive child who are of the same sex. As you may be aware, these supplemental birth certificates are very important for attaining benefits from insurance companies, allowing a child to enroll in school and receiving certain government benefits. As such, a second-parent adoption may encounter complications in this respect.

Despite this, the benefits of pursuing a second-parent adoption can be evident. After the adoption has been finalized, both parents may enjoy new options of allowing their child to inherit their assets. In addition, a second-parent adoption may allow both parties, not just one of them, to experience complete parenthood and all of the advantages associated with it.

If you or your partner are interested in adopting a child, you may wish to consult our page on second-parent adoption. Our firm prides itself on helping LGBT couples to explore their options for adoption and negotiating with biological parents and other parties that may be involved in the matter. While complications such as supplemental birth certificates do exist, we may be able to discuss options for circumventing them in order to allow the adoption to proceed as unhindered as possible.

Source: Low Office of V.Wayne Ward, “Fort Worth Second-Parent Adoption Attorney“, November 04, 2014