Can social media lead to a successful adoption?

A growing number of people here in Texas and nationwide are looking to adopt a child, but are finding that the process is more difficult than they first imagined. There seems to have been an upswing in the number of people looking at adoption as a way to grow their families. In an effort to locate a good match for their families, many people are turning to social media.

The internet and social media have so changed the landscape of our country that people form lasting relationships through their computers and may never be in the room with each other. People use the internet and social media to find mates. So now, many potential parents are taking the same steps to find a child.

One couple from Maryland has even erected a billboard on the New Jersey Turnpike directing potential birth mothers to their website. They are also getting their plea out via Facebook and Google on a pay-per-click site. These aren’t the only options available these days. There are even apps for smart phones that both potential parents and expectant mothers can use.

Adoptive parents can upload a profile onto the app, and birth mothers can browse through the profiles in order to locate a potentially suitable family for their child by race and region. As technology makes our world smaller, it can do the same for the world of adoption. Of course, once Texas parents locate a child to adopt, they still need to make sure that the adoption is done legally and that things go smoothly in order to ensure that the family receiving the child won’t be forced to give up the child they have grown to love.

Source:, Couples use social media, apps, web for help with adoption, Ashley Mastronardi, Sept. 17, 2013