As negotiations deteriorate, celebrity couple could be headed for divorce court

When it comes to Hollywood, it often seems that the one thing that manages to generate more headlines than movie premieres, high ratings or casting decisions is celebrity divorce. For some reason, entertainment websites and gossip magazines just can’t seem to report enough on the rumors behind the celebrity divorce — substance abuse, infidelity, etc. — and who’s dating who now that it’s over.

Interestingly enough, there is currently one celebrity divorce that is not only intriguing from a casual movie fan’s perspective but from a legal perspective as well.

Reports indicate that Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, who married back in September 2005 and separated just last year, are still involved in ongoing divorce negotiations. Specifically, attorneys representing both parties have been unable to reach an agreement concerning the terms of the financial settlement.

These same sources are indicating that the primary sticking point is, of course, money. Specifically, Kutcher, who currently earns the largest salary of any television star, is reluctant to split his sizeable earnings.

“They still haven’t reached an agreement over money, because Ashton earned substantially more during the final years of their marriage,” said one source. “[He] doesn’t want to pay a large settlement.”

It’s said that Kutcher is becoming increasingly impatient with the speed at which the divorce negotiations are proceeding and that the likelihood of the matter being resolved very publicly in a court battle is now becoming very real.

It’s important to note that California, like Texas, is a community property state. This means that generally any property obtained during the marriage is split 50/50 in terms of ownership interest between spouses. Accordingly, if this matter does end up playing out in a California courtroom, Kutcher could end up paying more than he anticipated.

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