A Few Considerations for Non-Custodial Parents

One of the most difficult aspects of any divorce is child custody. If you aren’t appointed the “custodial parent” (known in Texas as the primary joint managing conservator), your ability to see your child will likely be somewhat curtailed.

Fortunately, a “non-custodial parent” (known in Texas a possessory conservator) may have some options for seeing their children outside of their designated visitation times.

Today’s post, the first in a series, will briefly explore a few steps that a noncustodial parent can take to spend more time with their children.

(Please note, before undertaking any of the following suggestions, it is imperative to read your parenting plan/decree carefully to determine if you are in fact free to take such actions. If unsure, consider consulting with a legal professional.)

Become a Coach on Your Child’s Team

This is not only a valuable opportunity to spend time with your child (many teams have several practices and a game each week), but also a chance to teach them important life lessons (i.e., teamwork, sportsmanship, hard work, etc.).

Furthermore, your child will likely appreciate you being an active participant in an important part of their lives, while your former spouse – with whom you should discuss the matter – will appreciate a break from having to drive/attend every practice.

Have Lunch with Your Child

After discussing it with your former spouse and clearing it with the school/teacher, you may consider having lunch with your child during the school week every so often. Whether you go out to eat or enjoy lunch in the school cafeteria, it can be a valuable opportunity for you to catch up.

Volunteer to Chaperone a Class Field Trip

In keeping with the same theme (and after discussing it with your former spouse and clearing it with the school/teacher), you may want to volunteer to act as a chaperone for a child’s class field trip. These are often very exciting days for your child and filled with lasting memories. Not only would you be offering the school a valuable service, but also spending time with your child.

To be continued

To learn more about child custody matters or parental rights, contact an experienced and skilled legal professional.

This post is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as legal advice.

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