A Brief Look at Little Known Marriage and Divorce Laws in the U.S. – II

Here in the state of Texas, we have fairly straightforward laws governing divorce and divorce-related issues (i.e., child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, property division). This may lead you to believe that the other 49 states have similar laws and that the divorce processes are therefore comparable.

While this is certainly true in many respects, there are certain laws in certain states/cities that are very different from Texas law and even somewhat strange. Many of these laws are the byproduct of a bygone era or a dated legislative agenda.

Today’s post – the second in a series – will take a brief look at some of these laws.

(Please see “A Brief Look at Little Known Marriage and Divorce Laws in the U.S.” for more information.)


Thanks to an oversight by the Arkansas legislature, anyone under the age of 18 was allowed to marry sans parental consent for several months between 2007 and 2008.

What happened?

In the course of drafting a bill allowing pregnant teens to marry with parental consent, lawmakers forgot to insert a mandatory minimum age provision. Fortunately, the omission was corrected in April 2008.


When most people travel to the city of New Orleans, they assume that anything goes. In fact, this mindset often carries over to weddings, where it’s not uncommon to see unorthodox ceremonies designed to capitalize upon the city’s festive atmosphere.

Interestingly enough, however, New Orleans is fairly conservative when it comes to the person performing the wedding. The city expressly prohibits mystics, fortune tellers and palm readers from performing a wedding ceremony.


In the city of Hartford, Connecticut, a very old law outlawing a particular public display of affection at a particular time is still in effect. Specifically, it is illegal for a husband and wife to kiss on a Sunday.

Accordingly, you will want to exercise great restraint if you and your spouse are enjoying a candlelight dinner, taking a stroll or enjoying a picnic in Hartford on a Sunday.

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