4 Mistakes to Avoid When Divorcing a Spouse With a Personality Disorder

The divorce process can be challenging. Yet, that statement doesn’t necessarily describe what it’s like to go through a divorce when your spouse has a personality disorder. It can feel overwhelming and downright impossible at times.

Narcissists, sociopaths, and those suffering from a paranoid or borderline personality disorder may try their hardest to stop the inevitable. Yet, you can make it through by understanding what to avoid during the divorce process.

4 Mistakes to Avoid During Your Divorce

1. Don’t Lose Your Cool

As you move forward, there will be moments where your spouse may choose to threaten you or say hurtful things to try and weaken your resolve. In those moments, it might feel easy to respond in the same way. Don’t.

Remember that the things your spouse says and does can be used against them in court. The same goes for you. Do your best to remain calm.

2. Don’t Forget to Communicate Your Boundaries

Boundaries are healthy, especially now. Those with personality disorders don’t know when to quit. For example, your spouse may constantly ask to keep your children longer during visitation or may call you frequently to complain or yell.

Your only responsibility here is to follow the court order. So, create and communicate boundaries to keep your distance. And if your spouse defies the court order, let your attorney know immediately.

3. Don’t Ignore Your Needs

Self-care is critical during this time, but it’s easy to place on the back burner. You must take care of yourself. For example, talk to a counselor or reach out to your family for support. Also, be sure to eat, drink water and make time for rest.

4. Don’t Give In to False Statements

As you go through this process, you may have moments where it feels easier to give in to your spouse’s demands or accusations. 

While it’s best to allow some things to roll off your back, accusations of abuse or negligence are serious. Don’t give into them. Instead, communicate these accusations to your attorney who can help defend you.

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