13 people behind bars following child support sweep by Nacogdoches County officials

Today, law enforcement officials in Nacogdoches County along with investigators for the Texas Attorney General’s Child Support Division mounted a countywide sweep designed to capture parents wanted for contempt of court for the failure to pay child support.

The operation officially commenced at five o’clock this morning when the Nacogdoches County Sheriff sent six separate teams of officers to the homes of noncompliant parents sought on civil warrants. The primary reason the operation was launched so early was to catch the alleged offenders before they had a chance to leave their homes for the day, thereby avoiding the need for a lengthy search.

The operation, which ended mere hours ago, resulted in the arrest of 13 noncompliant parents who are now facing up to six months in jail. Interestingly, any cash bonds that they post will go directly to child support arrears, meaning the back child support owed to the parents/children.

“Parents have a moral and legal obligation to make regular child support payments,” said Attorney General Greg Abbott. “By collecting child support, we are ensuring young Texans have the resources they need to grow healthy and strong. We are grateful to [local Nacogdoches County officials] for their unfailing commitment to Texas children.”

It is worth noting that the Texas Attorney General’s Child Support Division collected over $2.9 billion in child support in the state fiscal year that ended August 31, 2010. (The Nacogdoches County division, which covers a total of nine counties, collected $37 million.)

In addition to collecting/distributing child support payments, the Child Support Division also performs other vital tasks, including establishing paternity and locating absent parents to name a few.

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