Why divorce mediation benefits couples in Texas

Mediating a divorce can make for a smoother, quicker transition than the traditional process.

According to the Texas Department of State Health Services, there were 82,098 divorces reported to the Texas Vital Statistics Unit in 2010, the most recent year for which data is available. Tens of thousands of people choose to end their marriage every year, facing complex issues such as property division and child custody.

These matters can be resolved amicably and efficiently when a couple decided to work with a certified divorce mediator. Though it may not be suitable for everyone, those who do participate in divorce mediation may notice the following benefits:


One of the reasons many people opt to mediate a divorce is because it enables them to work outside the restrictive schedule of a courtroom. The parties meet with a neutral, third-party person who can mediate the conversation. These meetings can take place after-hours or on weekends when the people involved are available. Reaching an agreement on the issues quickly can sidestep the drawn-out process of going to litigation.

A private process

Couples who go through mediation have more privacy than if they choose to go to court. Mediation occurs in a confidential setting, whereas a courtroom’s proceedings are recorded and may be made public.

Helpful for children

Because mediation can often speed up the divorce process, any children involved can benefit. Children may be adversely affected through sitting in transition for a long period of time, so resolving issues quickly means a family can start to move forward. Further, couples must work together during mediation, which provides a positive example for children.

Personalized attention

Mediators get to know their clients and their concerns. This kind of personalized attention is essential, especially when discussing sensitive issues such as who will have custody of the children or who will live in the family home. Though the mediator does not make any decisions, he or she can help the parties reach an agreement.

Suitable for many couples

Couples who are able to work together are best-suited for a mediated divorce. The people who have success in this process are those who have a respectful relationship with their spouses and are able to express their wishes maturely.

Legally binding

The Texas Family Code specifically states that a mediated settlement is legally binding as long as both parties and their attorneys sign the document. Additionally, the law states that there must be a prominently displayed sentence on the document declaring that the agreement cannot be revoked.

If a couple cannot reach a resolution through mediation, they still have the option of going through a traditional divorce. People considering this option should consult a family law attorney in Texas.