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My life came to a turning point when my wife filed for a divorce. More painful than ending my relationship with my wife was the thought of losing my children. I knew that Texas favored the mother, but I also knew that I had to gain custody of my four daughters because it was the right thing to do. I read about Wayne Ward and his many achievements in the "Dallas Magazine," and after walking into his office and telling him my dilemma, I knew I was in the right place. His staff was always up-to-date on my case and they answered all my questions. Wayne listened to me and understood why we had to fight this battle. It was a difficult time but Wayne made me and my family feel comfortable with the legal process. He kept us informed at every step of the way. He was straightforward with me and informed me of the different options. Wayne Ward made my battle his battle. With his guidance, I am happy to report that I have my girls with me. I have peace of mind knowing that they are in the best environment. They are happy, healthy and loved.

Ahmed B.

My name is Andrea A., and I have known Wayne Ward for 10 years. I first met Wayne Ward when he handled my divorce. We have had several modifications regarding my daughter and Wayne has ALWAYS looked out for what is best for her. He has a GREAT outlook and really helps guide you in making the best decision possible when children are involved. It is not that common to find someone who is so caring and shows great compassion for what they do, and Wayne does just that. He is always looking at what is best for the child involved and continues to make that his number one priority when handling cases. I can truly say that I consider Wayne more than my attorney; I consider him an everlasting friend. I would highly recommend Wayne Ward to anyone who has to go through a divorce or modifications regarding their children.

I feel very blessed to have met Wayne Ward and have him as part of our lives.

Andrea A.

Dear Wayne, First, I wanted to thank you so much for all of your hard work and how pleased I am with the outcome of my case. I have made the comments to several of my friends and colleagues of how at ease I felt with you handling my case. I truly felt like you took a personal interest in the results of my situation.


I have not had many occasions to need legal advice or legal representation but when a problem arose, I called the Law Office of V. Wayne Ward. My problem had an extremely short time frame and Mr. Ward and his staff gave it their immediate attention. Mr. Ward understood the legal complications and applied the necessary legal remedies. I am very satisfied with his service and would not hesitate to call upon him again for any legal services I might require.

Once again, thanks for your help.

Gary H.

Attorney Wayne Ward and his staff did an outstanding job on our case.  Hiring his team was the best decision we could have made.  You can count on his extensive experience and knowledge in family law.  He is well respected by his peers.  He had our complete trust and confidence.

Gayla was supportive, dedicated in obtaining all the information needed, and committed to answering all of our many questions.  Maria was friendly, there with a smile, and had a helpful attitude.

We were truly blessed to have him represent us in a child custody case.  During the entirety of the case we felt Mr. Ward and staff had our family’s best interest at heart.  We are forever grateful to him and his staff.


Shauna B.

Thank you, thank you Mr. Ward! You and your staff were of tremendous help during and after my divorce in January 2014. You saved my 401K, my pension and my house, all of which I had spent many years attaining. Without your assistance, I don't feel that I would have fared nearly as well. Your office was very professional but also very personable. I can never thank you enough for all that you did for me. I am truly grateful for all your help. I will recommend you and your staff to anyone who needs a GREAT lawyer."

Sam V.

An experienced attorney with unparalleled effectiveness in his DNA, coupled with a profound sense of integrity and genuine kindness? I'd thought no such person existed. Wayne Ward proved me wrong, and as a result my children now have a legitimate shot at mature and truly productive lives. Engaging this law office was one of the best decisions I have ever made."

David P.

Wayne,I cannot thank you enough for doing the legal work pro bono for Tierra and her family. I am very grateful to you and your staff. I know Lucy would be equally grateful- she loved Tierra so much and this family has been blessed by your generosity.

S. Goldstein

Wayne,Y'all are the absolute best... Thank you all for your help and patience!

The George gang!!

Wayne,I talked to V.G. a short time ago. Thanks for taking care of the young man. He's a good man and as per usual, I knew you would do him right. He's impressed as well he should be!

Thanks again and here's hoping you have a Merry Christmas!


The Wayne Ward legal team managed my divorce case with patience and efficiency. I was the willing respondent who received by email an original petition from my ex-to-be while in my overseas work location. I searched the Internet for three family law attorneys in Tarrant County. Wayne promptly and satisfactorily answered my initial inquiries, and the second responded later, and the third never responded, and thus Wayne won my selection. Wayne, Gayle and Maria worked well as a team. Maria cheerfully and promptly answered most of my emails. Going in, Wayne knew my financial resources were not significant, and since my case was not complex, he delegated it to his very capable legal assistant Gayle. The team did not push but was patient until my ex-to-be and I were finally able to come to an out-of-court agreement. Wayne promptly handled the closing formalities, and I was pleasantly surprised that the final cost was very much contained and manageable, and I was able to pay on the spot.


I was caught off-guard and forced into a very difficult situation by my ex-husband, but Wayne Ward handled the case with a perfect blend of urgency and care. His deep knowledge of family laws, current trending in court rulings, the Tarrant County court system and the relationships he has built over the years were clear differentiators in my case. He also has a heavy dose of empathy, which helped him be flexible to my circumstances when I needed it. There are not many like Wayne out there.


From a referring attorney:Great job! Your experience really shows, the client was really impressed.


Your efforts have allowed me to be a father again. Your encouragement to me will allow me to be a good example to my sons and allow them to be good fathers too.


Your expertise and persistence will never be forgotten. My son can now have a life of his own, Thanks!


Dear Wayne,I just wanted to take a moment to say "Thank you" for your help in my recent divorce.

You were right about the collaborative divorce process: it was the best way for my ex-wife and me to respectfully and fairly separate our lives, while ensuring the best possible outcome for our son. You conducted the whole process beautifully, and your advice was extremely helpful to me as I worked through all the decisions I faced. The outcome was as good as I could have hoped for, and I'm now looking forward to a fresh start on life.

Thanks again for all your assistance.


I first met Wayne Ward in July 2006 when my marriage was failing and life was extremely difficult. My divorce case was quite complicated, including difficult custody and business matters.

Wayne and his staff showed great compassion to me during one of the toughest times in my life. His many years of practice in family law, his business expertise, and his desire to provide outstanding results produced a good outcome for me. He secured a fair custody arrangement so that I could continue to enjoy time with my kids and he saved my business.

I highly recommend Wayne Ward for anyone needing expert family legal services. His skills are among the best and he deserves the title "Super Lawyer."


Dear Gayla and Wayne,I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both for your help and professionalism during my divorce, as well as your staff. This time has been extremely difficult, and still is, but having you all there has meant so much and your efforts have been there when I call. You have been so good to work with, and have always been there when I call.

Thanks again for everything.



Dear Wayne and Gayla, Thank you for being my professional representative as well as my friend. I do appreciate that you sincerely care and the help you have brought to my family. Have a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year.

Thank you


Dear Mr. Ward, First of all, I would like to wish you and your office a very Happy Holiday Season. It has been approximately a little over one year since my custody issues have been resolved and I guess it has taken me this long to recover from the process. It is also the time of year to remember and say thank you to those who have had a profound effect on not only my life but also the life of my two children. Things could have turned out much differently. Thank you.

You personally did an excellent job of presenting the facts in my case and arguing the law. Your office and especially Gayla, was extremely helpful, supportive and informative during a difficult time for me. Obviously my case went very well and I attribute this to your good preparation and knowledge of the legal system.

Both of my children are very happy and doing well, although they do at times miss their mother. They are both excelling in all aspects now that they have stability.

I wish you and everyone in your office a very Happy Holidays. Thank you again for the excellent legal work.


J. McA.

Mr. Ward, It was not easy finding your law firm, but I am glad I did. I used the "Google" search engine and looked for family law layers in Fort Worth. There were many names and websites returned. I spend many days researching many websites and documents, and I noticed the repetition of your name in many different matters. This directed me to your website. After reading about you, I decided that you COULD be the one to help me. After our phone consultation, I realized that you WOULD be the one to help me. I thank you, for offering your knowledge and expertise to people like myself. I will now be in compliance with the court and I am very excited to spend Christmas Eve with my daughter.

Thank You!!!


Wayne Ward, through his powerful negotiation skills, mediated a divorce settlement that netted more in favor of my daughter and me than I had originally asked for, and he did this in an amazingly low-key, comfortable and comforting way.

Perhaps even more impressive though: he modeled a belief in family values and honoring his word. When my (soon-to-be-ex) husband refused to contribute toward our daughter's college costs, despite his considerable separate estate, Mr. Ward expressed his disappointment that another father would behave in that way. That sentiment and level of personal sharing was enormously meaningful and reassuring to me.

When my daughter called to check on me about 5 p.m., I told her that, as strange as it sounded, I had a very good, even enjoyable, day. The day of our mediation was incredibly important in my life, because my daughter's and my future would be heavily impacted by the outcome. Both the experience and the outcome were better than I could have hoped for.

Thank you for all your help Wayne!



Wayne Ward and his staff helped me get through one of the most stressful and emotional decisions of my life. Wayne and Gayla listened to me and got the job done the way I wanted it done, while still looking out for my best interests. The entire staff was friendly, prompt and courteous. I was pleased with the outcome of my case and would most definitely recommend the Law Office of V. Wayne Ward to anyone needing a smart, professional, family-oriented lawyer. It is nice to work with an honest, reliable lawyer when times get rough.

Thanks Wayne!


During a very difficult decision to have to make for the future of my two sons and myself, I hired Mr. V. Wayne Ward to finalize the termination of my marriage of 15 years.

Mr. Ward listened as I revealed the circumstances that led to my divorce with children involved. Mr. Ward quickly got a handle on the facts of my particular case, which involved many financial concerns. He addressed my concerns for my children's well-being and presented options. Mr. Ward is knowledgeable in the law and family matters and grew to truly understand my case. Although some laws are hard to swallow, Wayne could explain what a reasonable and unreasonable request might be. His presence in the courtroom was unbelievable and he is very well-respected by the Judges, Bailiffs and court staff.

My sister is a paralegal; she also felt that Mr. Wayne Ward handled my case very efficiently and professionally.



Divorce granted 4-18-07, Wayne Ward is a man of high integrity in a world where this is a rare commodity. He provided good counsel in a very difficult divorce.

Mark M.