“The Problem-Solver”

A column by Wayne Ward reprinted from Divorce Magazine

A member and former President of the Tarrant County Bar Association, and former President of the Tarrant County Family Bar Association, Wayne is a Texas Bar Foundation Life Fellow and Fellow of the College of the State Bar of Texas. He believes in incorporating new ideas and methods into his practice and is a frequent lecturer on all aspects of Family Law.

Wayne believes strongly in client involvement and asks clients to set specific goals for their case so they can work together to achieve the client’s objectives. They’re given two handouts: one is informational, the other is “task-oriented” and designed to gather information. The details his clients provide in these documents help Wayne “connect the dots” and devise an appropriate strategy for each case. This approach also gives clients a sense of accountability for their outcome, he explains.

Although he deals with difficult divorce cases on a daily basis, about 85% of Wayne’s clients settle outside of the courtroom through attorney negotiations, arbitration, or other alternative dispute resolution methods. “Litigation usually means you burn bridges, so even if the cases have gone through some litigation, the spouses usually agree that this is not the way to go.”

Wayne advises those considering divorce to be certain about their decision prior to actually filing for divorce. “Don’t file for divorce thinking your spouse will get the message,” he stresses. Do whatever you have to do — soul searching, therapy, coaching, talking with friends and family — to make the decision before filing. Then, once in the process, use your common sense when it comes to your behavior. “If it’s something you wouldn’t do while you were married, you probably shouldn’t do it now,” he says.

Wayne is ever mindful of children’s needs and rights, and he believes in conserving the family estate by being as efficient and expedient as possible. “The more money there is at the end of the process, the better fresh start I can give a family,” he explains.

Wayne is uniquely qualified to help his clients with their financial issues. He holds an MBA and graduated from law school with a keen interest in tax issues, accounting, and finance. As a young attorney, however, he soon turned to Family Law. “I got good results, the judges liked me, and soon, all my referrals were coming in as Family Law cases,” says Wayne.

Today, Wayne remains enthusiastic about his work and dedicated to helping his clients. “This is a very demanding business, emotionally and physically,” he says. “But I still have an enthusiasm at the end of the day…. I still truly like to help people.” His staff are equally enthusiastic about their work, he adds. The firm holds weekly staff meetings to discuss the status of each case, so every person at the firm knows what is going on with each case. “They’re excited to come to work every day, and they enjoy working with the clients,” he says.

If you need a “problem solver” for your complex marital matter, contact attorney Wayne Ward at 817-789-4436. With his experience, compassion, and client-centered approach, you can trust Wayne to produce a better outcome.