Second-Parent Adoption Attorney

Second-parent adoption allows both members of a couple to enjoy all the parental rights of one member’s biological child while also providing many benefits to the child.

  • The second partner experiences the fulfillment of parenthood.
  • The adoptive or biological parent gets legally acknowledged help in the child’s upbringing.
  • The child has two involved, loving parents, plus a pathway to inheritance.

At my law firm, the Law Office of V. Wayne Ward, I am pleased to participate in second-parent adoptions. It is a win-win solution for everyone! Whether you are a stepparent or a same-sex parent, I am here to help your family.

Same-Sex Adoption In Texas

Across the U.S., same-sex couples are creating families through second-parent adoption—the adoption by both members of a same-sex couple of the adopted or biological child of one partner. In Texas, any adult may legally adopt a child, without regard to the adopting adult’s sexual orientation or gender identity. The petition for adoption makes no mention of either of these.

There are still problems, however. While same-sex second-parent adoption is legal, Texas courts are not allowed to issue a supplemental birth certificate for a child adopted either by two men or two women. Since supplemental birth certificates are important for demonstrating the parent-child relationship to schools, insurance companies and passport offices, same-sex parents still do not enjoy full equality.

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Among other services, I assist with the termination of parental rights of biological parents. You will appreciate the compassion and dignity I extend to all sides in my work.

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