Postnuptial Agreement

A Divorce Alternative

After you are married, you may wonder if there is any way to protect your assets. This concern is especially prevalent when one spouse earns the majority of a family’s income. A postnuptial agreement, often called a postnup, is one way in which you can protect your livelihood.

I am family law attorney Wayne Ward. I have spent decades practicing law in Texas, during which time I have helped many clients create effective postnuptial agreements that protect assets and solve marital problems efficiently. I can use my years of experience to help you determine what type of prenup is most appropriate for your situation.

How You Can Use A Texas Postnuptial Agreement

Much like prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements are marital contracts that can be used to determine how assets or certain types of conduct will be handled. Common uses for postnups include:

  • Divorce alternative: When you encounter marital trouble, but do not want a divorce, a postnuptial agreement can serve as a divorce alternative. A postnup can establish situations where you and your spouse live apart for a time, and during that time assess the status of your marriage.
  • Liability protection: If one spouse enters into a business venture where financial risk is involved, a postnuptial agreement can shield the other spouse from liability.
  • Debt allocation/responsibility: If one spouse brings significant debt to the marriage, a postnuptial agreement can assign responsibility for repayment of those debts.

Should you later choose to divorce, a postnuptial agreement can make the process move along more efficiently. By having a plan for how assets will be divided and how other issues will be resolved, the divorce process can move along more quickly and with less fighting about typical divorce topics.

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