Post-Divorce Issues

Think that your divorce property division issues are over? Not necessarily. Many issues can come up in the years after the end of your marriage, and I am here with the experience and knowledge to help resolve post-divorce property division issues. Contact me, attorney Wayne Ward, today.

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I am uniquely skilled at handling the kinds of issues that can arise after a divorce. For instance, I can draft qualified domestic relations orders that can divide a retirement account started during a marriage. I can also help if the brokerage firm on the account does not require a qualified domestic relations order.
In addition, I can draft deeds and transfer titles of vehicles, boats, recreational vehicles or any other kind of property. I have the skills to handle wealth distribution after stock options are cashed in. I can also deal with insurance companies.

Compassion * Experience * Results

I have the unique certifications, experience and education to handle these often challenging post-divorce property division issues. For instance, I have an MBA that helps me understand some of the more difficult aspects of business ownership, stock, marketing and other issues.

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Let me put my more than 30 years of legal experience to work helping you after your divorce. Contact me today. I will give you experienced legal counsel for all of your post-divorce conflicts.

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