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Under Texas law, you are not divorced until the decree is issued. So if you purchase property for your future life before the divorce is official, the court will consider that property to be marital property, unless you and your spouse draft a partitioning agreement to clarify that the property does not belong to both parties.

Failure to file a partitioning agreement can place your property right back on the dividing block, so partitioning is a process you will want to know more about.

Partitioning Assets and Income Is Important

Real property is not the only item that can be partitioned. Texas law allows couples to partition their income as well, excluding it from marital property. In the event of divorce, each spouse gets to keep the income he or she has earned. This partition applies to most purchases made with the partitioned money as well. A formal partitioning is regarded as even stronger protection of separate property than a prenuptial agreement.

Attorney Helping Draft Partitioning Agreements

I am divorce attorney Wayne Ward, and I look out for my clients in divorce proceedings whose separate property may not be perceived as separate by the courts. I craft partitioning agreements at any stage during the marriage or divorce. While these agreements are not necessarily complex, it is always wise to work with an experienced attorney to avoid disputes during the divorce process.

If you have property or are purchasing property that you do not wish to be subjected to property division in your divorce, call me, partition action attorney Wayne Ward.

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