Paranoid Personality Disorder

Challenging Divorce: “Help, My Spouse is Paranoid!”

You may have known that your spouse had “trust issues” before you married, but it was understandable. Over and over again you could see that things didn’t go their way. But in time the situation got worse and you began to see that it wasn’t so much that the world was out to get him/her, but that your spouse had a real problem – paranoid personality disorder. 

You put up with hostility, anger and defensiveness. You put up with his unfounded conspiracy theories and victim mentality. You put up with her controlling ways, blaming you for doing simple daily things that aroused suspicion when you know that she is always suspicious. It doesn’t matter what you do. 

Now you’ve reached the end of your rope and you want a divorce from your paranoid spouse. Call me, divorce attorney V. Wayne Ward: 817-789-4436. I am a certified specialist in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. You will need my extensive experience in family court.

Divorcing a Paranoid Spouse

Most of the time, couples manage to arrive at a divorce and property settlement agreement through negotiations or divorce mediation, but when one of the partners has a personality disorder – like paranoid personality disorder – it’s likely that your case will wind up in court. 

You know how difficult your spouse can be. Their behavior is likely to get worse in the high-stress situation of a divorce so don’t be surprised if your paranoid spouse:

  • I will be realistic from the start. This is going to be a challenge, but we will face it together. I will prepare you to go to trial.
  • You can expect your spouse to hide things. A paranoid spouse doesn’t trust, doesn’t reveal, and often isn’t honest. Before you even file for divorce, begin to document your assets and financial situation. Once you have made your intention clear that you want a divorce, documents could disappear. 
  • We will focus on your goals: This fight could become costly. We’ll identify what’s most important to you, so we are fighting for the things that really count. 
  • We can access investigators, if needed, so we’re ready to go to court with facts. Just because he “forgot” to put it on the property inventory, that doesn’t mean it isn’t divisible. Just because she said you were abusive, that doesn’t mean its true. We can seek out reliable witnesses. 
  • I will support you all along the way. When dealing with a person who is paranoid, it’s more important than ever to do things by the book. We will document everything and be crystal clear in all communications.  

Child Custody And Paranoid Personality Disorder

It can be challenging to coparent with a paranoid spouse. What many people do not know is that there are 11 individual parental rights. Even if you have “joint managing conservatorship” (shared custody), the courts can give specific individual rights to one parent and not the other. As a board-certified specialist in family law, I understand these nuances of child custody and can help you pursue the rights that are most important to you. 

Post-Divorce Action

Unfortunately, you can expect continuing problems from your paranoid spouse. A person with paranoid personality disorder will be stubborn, argumentative and controlling. Call my office for help with any modifications to court orders or enforcement of existing court orders.

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