Interstate Custody & Visitation

Child relocation and visitation issues are complex enough inside Texas borders. They become even harder to untangle when other states are involved. It is important to hire the right attorney that has experience with interstate custody matters when the parents reside in different states.

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Issues Giving Rise to Interstate Disputes

Custody problems arise from divorce, dissolution, legal separation, cases of neglect and abuse, dependency actions, guardianships, paternity cases and cases involving domestic violence cases. The court issuing the original order has automatic jurisdiction, unless steps are taken to change jurisdiction.

One common problem is that divorced parents will relocate from another state to Texas, with the original custody order in place in the state they left behind. Another problem is when a Texas couple divorces and one moves out of the Lone Star state. Other times, the two parents live across state lines from one another, and terms of the parenting plan must be squared with both states.

Experienced Out-of-State Custody & Visitation Attorney

I am board certified family lawyer V. Wayne Ward. I work with parents to find creative solutions to out-of-state custody and visitation issues. Reach out to me for help with any of the following interstate child custody problems:

  • Registering a custody order from another state in Texas
  • Modifying a parenting or visitation plan under Texas laws
  • Enforcing visitation rights originating in other states
  • Seeking (or challenging) the relocation of a custodial parent to another state

I will come at the problem from a variety of angles. For instance, I can request that a custody order be transferred from the other state to Texas. Or I can work to modify or enforce out-of-state court orders here.

One simplifying factor is that almost all states follow the child custody standards laid out in the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA). The only state not participating in UCCJEA is Massachusetts. This agreement ensures that custody agreements translate effectively from state to state.

I have more than 30 years of experience handling complex family legal issues. Turn to me for help resolving your interstate custody or visitation concern.

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