An Attorney Helping You Make the Most of Life After Divorce

You do not have to wait until your divorce is finalized to start planning for the future. One of the many services I provide for my clients at the Law Office of V. Wayne Ward is setting and achieving financial goals while maintaining a healthy state of mind. I can connect you to my wide network of financial planners and mental health coaches to increase your quality of life after divorce.

Do you want to put your life back on the track to success? Contact me by email or call 817-789-4436 to speak with a lawyer who has been involved in hundreds of cases dealing with life-planning needs. I will keep your best interests in mind and can stop financial difficulties from happening before they are an issue.

You have been so good to work with, and have always been there when I call. — T.S.

Financial Advisor Assistance After Your Divorce

Planning for your future is important, especially after a divorce. This is where I combine my law degree and my MBA to put to your advantage.

My education gives me a unique understanding of financial planning for life after divorce. Additionally, I have worked hard to establish a broad network of handpicked financial advisors who work closely with my clients to:

  • Build credit
  • Pay off debt
  • Determine affordable rent on a single income

No matter what type of financial situation you are in, I can help you build financial goals. And you will achieve those goals by working with my diverse group of outside professionals.

Post-Divorce Life Planning Lawyer For Financial Stability And Mental Health 

Divorces have different impacts on different people. Whether your divorce has been amicable or very difficult, I am here for you. You can rely on my specially selected mental health coaches to keep your life heading in the right direction and assist you with your post-divorce issues.

Need the guidance of a financial planner or life coach? Contact me by email or call 817-789-4436. As your dedicated Fort Worth lawyer, I will connect you with the professional or professionals who are right for your situation.

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