Uncovering Hidden Assets in Divorce

Knowing that community property is to be divided equally in a Texas divorce, some individuals are less than honest about the extent of their holdings. When this happens, a divorce lawyer must become a kind of detective, alert for the presence of unreported property, and able to obtain actual evidence of the hidden assets.

This is a task that is beyond many divorce lawyers, who are daunted by the challenge of finding something that has been intentionally hidden away. I am not one of those lawyers. I am Wayne Ward, an experienced divorce attorney in Fort Worth. Over my 30-plus years of experience, I have surprised many parties by identifying and locating assets that they thought were squirreled away from the light of day.

Locating Hidden Assets for Divorce Clients

Hiding assets is dangerous business. Yes, if you hide them successfully, you have free property you never have to share with your ex. But hide them unsuccessfully in a way that allows them to be located, and you have committed fraud. At this point, you may not only lose the entirety of the asset, but also be charged with committing contempt.

The detective work of locating hidden assets involves the use of international financial search engines and private investigators. But just as often, it means asking simple questions. People often talk too much, especially when they think they have gotten away with something. I will interview friends and customers to learn what they have overheard. I will follow my instincts—honed through years of experience—that often lead me to valuable discoveries.

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Do you suspect that not all the assets of your marriage are on the table? Then hire a lawyer able to find those assets. I have been successfully locating hidden assets for years.

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