Child Support And Alimony Enforcement Attorney

Disputes often arise relating to existing child support and spousal support orders. Usually, something changes in the support-paying individual’s life, such as an increase or decrease in income. And even when an existing order receives a modification, the two parties may remain at odds with one another. At some point, one party may ask the court to enforce the order due to nonpayment, underpayment or other similar issue.

Support is not the only area that requires enforcement. One parent may also seek enforcement or contempt in custody situations, including violating terms of the parenting plan and or failing to stick to the specified visitation schedule.

If enforcement is granted, and the parent does not comply in reasonable fashion, the case may be handed off to the county sheriff to enforce it.

Tarrant County Lawyer Handling Contempt of Court Orders

I am Board Certified Family Lawyer V. Wayne Ward, and I represent either side of enforcement disputes. Quality representation is important for both sides. In the past, I have represented custodial parents seeking past due support, as well as noncustodial parents struggling to make payments and were facing contempt of court.

What good is family law board certification?

Certification by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization is an indicator of quality, up-to-date legal representation. Wayne Ward is one of a small number of family law practitioners designated in this way.

Paternity suits initiated by mothers are another form of enforcement petition, seeking to determine whether the person named is or is not the father of a child.

Consequences of Failing to Follow a Court Order

Texas courts accept child support and custody enforcement petitions. The courts may accept the petitions when the original decree was granted here, or when the custodial parent resides in the state. Consequences may include:

  • Time in jail
  • Suspension of state-issued licenses (driving, hunting, firearms and professional)
  • Garnishment of earnings
  • Liens against tax returns, savings accounts, retirement monies and other resources

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Are you concerned about issues relating to the enforcement of a court order you are party to? Look to me, lawyer V. Wayne Ward, a certified expert in family law for solutions. I hope to speak with you firsthand to learn more about the problem you face.

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