Business Valuation in Divorce

Skilled Attorney Dividing Business and Professional Practices

When divorce occurs, it may become necessary to divide a business or professional practice. This is an exceptionally complex process that requires a divorce lawyer with the insight and training to understand the legal and business ramifications involved by performing a business valuation.

From my law firm in Tarrant County—Law Office of V. Wayne Ward—I will provide you with custom-crafted legal advice for your divorce and business division issues. I have 30-plus years of experience assisting clients throughout Texas, and have both the legal and business knowledge needed in your case. I am certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and I hold an MBA degree.

Helping You Protect Your Business In A Texas Divorce

Dividing a business or professional practice in Texas involves allocation of both the assets and debts of the company. It will be necessary to conduct an accurate business valuation and to discuss the potential tax ramifications that can be associated with the division.

While I am able to offer insight into many issues associated with the division of a business, I have also developed an extensive network of professionals who can assist with these issues. Together, we can help with divorce and business division for any type of company, including:

  • Medical practices and physician groups
  • Dental practices
  • Law firms
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Service industry businesses
  • Chiropractic practices

From a referring attorney:
Great job! Your experience really shows, the client was really impressed.
– B.L.

Contact An Experienced Texas Business Valuation Attorney

My law firm is conveniently located just 10 blocks from the Tarrant County Courthouse. From there, I can provide you with the personal attention you need when seeking business valuation and division during your divorce. Call 817-789-4436 or contact me online to schedule an initial consultation.

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