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Divorce is already a complicated process. When complex property division is a factor, however, it can become even more intricate and time-consuming. To ensure that your complex property issues are properly resolved, you need the assistance of someone who is both a skilled attorney and a knowledgeable financial analyst.

I am attorney Wayne Ward that is one of the few divorce lawyers that is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. I have successfully helped thousands of clients throughout my 30-plus years of legal practice. In addition, I hold an MBA—I know how to thoroughly analyze property and find undisclosed assets. The insightful and custom-tailored assessment that I provide will be shaped by these skills from both my legal and business background.

Complex Property Division In Texas

One of the most common issues related to complex property division in Texas is the issue of value. If one spouse believes the property or asset has a certain value and the other spouse disputes that value, the parties will either have to come to some agreement as to the value or have a judge make a determination for them. This process can drag out and make a divorce increasingly expensive, so it is vital that you have an attorney such as myself who will keep the process moving as efficiently as possible.
Specific topics that are commonly involved in complex property division and valuation issues include:

I can help you understand how these and other concepts will impact your divorce. I will explain all of your legal options, and remain dedicated to helping you solve your problems and get a fresh start in life.

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