Divorce And College Tuition

In Texas, support decisions are typically made during the divorce process. Divorce and college expenses is a topic of discussed sometimes address with child support. This includes addressing issues such as how long support will last, which parent will be responsible for which expenses, and whether any additional expenses will be covered—such as the cost of college, private school or extracurricular expenses.

Although parents paying the cost of college is a privilege—not a right—for children, it is a common expectation in many high-asset families. Whether you are being asked to pay for your child’s college degree, or you need financial assistance from the other parent to pay for your child’s degree, an experienced lawyer can help make that happen.

I am divorce lawyer Wayne Ward; I have more than 30 years of experience helping families in Fort Worth and throughout the surrounding communities manage their college expenses and related child support issues.

What Does The Court Consider For College Expenses?

Texas has child support guidelines, but family law judges also have some discretion in determining what additional factors should be considered in creating final support arrangements. When deciding whether college tuition, or other education-related expenses will be awarded in support payments, family law judges consider several factors, including:

  • Financial resources of both parents
  • Financial resources available to the child
  • Standard of living the child would have had if the parents didn’t get divorced
  • Child’s academic performance and whether he or she would have gone to college regardless of financial support from parents

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