Cohabitation Agreement Attorney

Not everyone wants to get married, but even those who don’t have interests they want to protect. To do this, Texas allows couples to form a cohabitation agreement. These are very useful in minimizing costs and avoiding litigation in the event the couple breaks up. They are commonly used by both straight and same-sex couples.

The Role of Cohabitation Agreements for Texas Couples

Cohabitation agreements can be simple or they can be detailed, depending on the nature and value of the assets involved. In some ways they are like limited prenuptial agreements. They usually do some combination of the following:

  • They state that the couple is not married and should not be considered married.
  • They identify assets, obligations and debts, and what belongs to whom.
  • They may establish joint or separate accounts.
  • When assets are shared, the agreement states how they are shared.
  • They may plan for events such as death or serious illness.
  • They state that the agreement is dissolved if the couple gets married.

When Cohabitation Agreements Are Not Enough

Cohabitation agreements are a good idea because relationships can be very sloppy. Having these responsibilities written down and signed by both parties provides clarity and prevents major misunderstandings. But these agreements do not cover everything. For example:

  • If one party intends the other to inherit assets, a will is a necessity. Otherwise, the property goes to immediate family.
  • Cohabitation agreements may not deal with issues of child custody or support.
  • Agreements may not include provisions that are unjust or are imposed under duress.

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