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Texas courts don’t have the power to keep parents from moving to another area following divorce. But the courts do have the power to keep the children from relocating with them. From my law firm, the Law Office of V. Wayne Ward, I work with both custodial and noncustodial parents to protect their rights and the best interests of their children during a child relocation request to another county or another state.

Burdens of Proof in Move-Away Cases

The burden is always on the parent who wants to move the child away. If you wish to leave, and you want to bring your child with you, the court will need to know why you plan to move. There are numerous legitimate reasons for moving:

  • You are out of work and have been offered a position in, as examples, San Antonio or Phoenix.
  • You have a health problem that requires you to be closer to medical care.
  • Your financial prospects are considerably brighter in the new location.
  • You remarried and your current spouse wants you to live with him or her.
  • Your ex-spouse has been abusing or harassing you.

Even with a good reason for relocating, getting court approval is not guaranteed. The other parent has rights, too. Courts do not want to punish involved, reliable, loving noncustodial parents.

Work With a Custody Attorney That Knows The Impact of Child Relocation

Because of the difficulty of balancing the rights and needs of both parents, child custody relocation cases can be very difficult. One powerful advantage is to work with an experienced child custody modification attorney who appreciates the anguish both sides are going through, and who has experience crafting creative solutions so that both parents retain access to their child or children.
Are you struggling with a child relocation problem? Look to a certified expert in family law for solutions: me, attorney V. Wayne Ward. I will speak with you to learn more about your problem and how to approach it.

Board Certified – A Sign of Confidence

When the Texas Board of Legal Specialization certifies a lawyer in the area of family law, it is a sign that you can have confidence in the attorney’s knowledge of current legal requirements. I am proud to be board-certified, and stand ready to help you solve your family law problems.

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