Divorcing An Unstable Spouse – Borderline Personality Disorder

Have you spent years reassuring your spouse that you won’t leave, despite their hostile, reckless, and erratic behavior? Are you emotionally exhausted from dealing with the roller coaster of clinging admiration that quickly turns to anger and even hatred? Have you found yourself calling home every hour because you fear they will go through with their threats of suicide or self-harm? 

Have you finally had enough of living with an unstable spouse with borderline personality disorder? If so, I can help.

I’m Wayne Ward, a divorce attorney and a certified specialist in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. I have 30 plus years of experience handling challenging divorce cases, and if you want to divorce a spouse with borderline personality disorder that’s what you face. 

It’s not going to be easy, but I’ve helped many a long-suffering spouse on the journey to freedom with a divorce decree in hand. Call me at 817-789-4436 or contact my office online . You CAN break free from the manipulation, mind games, and abuse. 

The Threatened Spouse

You’ve been living with difficult behavior for some time. It may be hard to imagine that it could get worse, but your spouse’s worst fear is coming true and he or she is likely to be even more reactive. Don’t be surprised if your spouse with a borderline personality disorder:

  • Is so afraid of being abandoned that they say they’ll do anything you ask – except change, that is
  • Seeks constant attention from you
  • Experiences even bigger mood swings, and explodes in sudden anger
  • Engage in self-harming behavior (drinking, drug use, cutting, reckless driving) and then makes sure you know about it
  • Threatens to commit suicide 

One of the hardest things about divorcing a person with borderline personality disorder is the emotional toll it can take on you. You may feel angry when they blow up at you. You may feel fear when they threatened to harm themselves. You may feel guilt that you are “hurting” a person you’ve previously tried to protect. This isn’t your roller coaster. You need to protect your own mental health. You may want to talk to a therapist to help you separate. And you can talk with me about strategies to keep you safe as we go through the process of divorce.   

To Divorce a Spouse with Borderline Personality Disorder You Need Patience and a Plan

When you work with my law firm, you have a highly skilled lawyer on your side, with experience and a plan. 

  • We’re realistic from the start. Because your spouse is so unstable, your case may wind up in court. We will prepare you to go to trial.
  • We will support you through this process. We want everyone to be safe so please call our office any time you feel you or your children have been threatened. We may need to put limits on communication between you and your spouse, or we may need to seek a restraining order
  • We’re available. In really difficult cases, we talk with our clients weekly or biweekly to we stay on top of any troubling developments. 
  • We will be smart and strategic with your money. An unstable person changes their mind frequently, which can add to the cost of a divorce. We are going to stay laser focused on your goals and do a cost-benefit analysis, so you are putting your resources where they are most likely to get important results.

Preplanning Your Divorce

Truth be told, once you mention divorce to a spouse with borderline personality disorder, your situation could deteriorate quickly. It’s wise to beginning gathering documentation before you take any action or have any conversation about divorce. You will need financial documents, information about assets and liabilities, information about your children’s schedule and medical information. Feel free to call my office to learn more about preplanning a divorce

Call a Divorce Lawyer Experienced with Borderline Personality Disorder

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