How To Protect Assets In A Divorce

Protecting assets through a divorce is a challenging business. Do it wrong—such as deliberately hiding assets—and you can get into deep trouble. Yet many people engage in asset preservation schemes that are foolish and self-destructive.

The best advice I can offer, as a divorce and property division law firm, is to stay within the law and to work with an attorney knowledgeable about property division and asset protection. You will find such a lawyer in me, Wayne Ward. I will ensure you protect your assets properly by collaborating with a knowledgeable estate planner or financial planner.

Attorney That Helps You Protect Assets In A Messy Divorce

One of the most widely used and accepted asset protection methods is to place assets into a trust established before the marriage. The owner of the assets thus becomes the trust, and not you. Any assets in the trust are seen as separate property afterward, and thus remain outside the division process. The trust may also be protected from alimony claims. I am happy to meet with you to discuss structures such as domestic and foreign asset protection trusts.

I am not an estate planner, asset appraiser or financial advisor. But I have long experience working with these and other professionals to create asset protection plans that have teeth.

The assurance of quality representation Certification by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization is not a guarantee but it is powerful evidence that the certified lawyer is knowledgeable of Texas family law and current with changing legal requirements. Board certification lets you to look to me, family law attorney Wayne Ward, with confidence in my ethics and professionalism.

Call A Lawyer To Protect Assets

The primary requirement of a successful asset protection plan is that it be planned ahead of time. I know which plans work and which ones cause problems later on. If you are concerned about protecting your life assets from claims arising from divorce, call my law office at 817-789-4436 or write to me using this online form.