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November 2012 Archives

Study finds more divorced couples entering into non-traditional parenting plans

A new study by Australian researchers has revealed changing trends regarding how divorced fathers are interacting with their children. Contrary to the once-standard method of allowing fathers visitation/custody every other weekend, more and more parents are now adopting more equitable arrangements that give fathers more time with their kids. Specifically, the study authors found that current trends reveal more sharing of parental responsibilities than in the past, as well as a greater paternal presence. Furthermore, they found that the majority of parenting arrangements are now adopting week-by-week custody arrangements that minimize transitions and protect the best interests of the children.

How divorced parents can enjoy the holiday season

With Thanksgiving now over, the holiday season is officially in overdrive. This means people all over Texas will be busy over the next three weeks hanging decorations, attending special gatherings/events, planning travel schedules and, of course, shopping for gifts.

Connecting foster parents, biological parents now a key focus for some state agencies

Having a child placed in foster care can be an alarming, embarrassing and painful experience to parents who've lost custody. While this is done as a means of protecting the best interests of the child, it still creates a difficult situation for both sides -- including the foster parents who must handle the emotional struggles of children removed from their parents. To illustrate, biological parents might be fearful of how these strangers will influence their children's thoughts on such topics as morality, religion and even how they think of them. This situation becomes even scarier when biological parents do not have any access to their children, or even to the foster parents. Interestingly, some state agencies are now trying to rectify this situation by establishing a direct line of communication between foster and biological parents. To that end, several states have adopted measures that help foster parents ensure that the children placed in their care are still being raised according to the wishes of the birth parents.

Federally funded study hopes to make child custody less of a battle

Parents who divorce often fight their most emotional battle over child custody issues. Who gets to spend the weekends with children? Who should serve as the primary caregiver? Who gets the children over the holidays? These are all difficult questions. Fortunately, Ohio University's College of Health Sciences and Professions is now trying to help divorced parents settle them. According to reports, researchers at the school are participating in a $400,000 federally funded project designed to study how to encourage parents to work together so that their children can spend enough time with each of them following a divorce.

Study reveals the true impact of the recent recession on marriages

From high unemployment rates and record foreclosures to poor returns in the stock market and decreased consumer spending, there was virtually no aspect of people's financial lives that went untouched by the Great Recession. However, what about their personal lives?

Rolling Stones guitarist sells band memorabilia in divorce settlement

A rolling stone may gather no moss -- but a Rolling Stone gathers plenty of memorabilia as the years go by. Now, as part of a divorce settlement between Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood and his ex-wife Jo, much of that memorabilia was recently sold at an auction, including a guitar, a lithograph, and leather and velvet clothing that Wood wore on stage.

Is a pizza box the newest weapon in child support enforcement?

In our last post, we discussed how Russia is officially taking a more stringent approach toward the adoption of children by U.S. parents. It appears, however, that is not the only area of family law in which Russian officials are cracking down.

Agreement regulating adoption of Russian children by US parents now in effect

There has long been tension between the United States and Russia over issues related to the adoption of Russian children by U.S. parents. This tension came to a head two years ago, when a U.S. woman decided she could no longer deal with her adopted seven-year-old son anymore, and sent him back to Russia on a plane all by himself with nothing more than a note pinned to his jacket. Now, the U.S. and Russia have reached an agreement, which they hope will solve many of the problems. The agreement, which is now officially in effect, is meant to create what the State Department calls an "ethical and transparent adoption process."

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