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June 2012 Archives

Mom finds high-tech solution to common child-custody problem

Necessity, as the old saying goes, is the mother of invention. This was certainly true in the case of one divorced mom who was stressed out by trying to keep track of the visitation dates, appointments and many other daily details that are a part of the lives of divorced parents who are sharing custody of their children.

Texas Supreme Court to decide important case concerning mediation, child safety

Last month, the Texas Supreme Court heard arguments in a very important case concerning whether a child custody agreement reached between two divorced parents via mediation can be rejected by a judge out of concern for the safety of the child.

Spouses who try to hide money are often leaving electronic clues

It's harder to hide secrets than it used to be thanks to technology that makes it easier to track people's activities. In fact, divorcing spouses who try to hide their money in order to keep it away from their ex during property division may be in for a rude surprise. There are many ways for a spouse or an investigator to uncover these hidden assets. Some sleuthing methods are simple and legal, while others are more complicated and may be borderline, if not outright, illegal.

What can I do about health insurance after my divorce?

With health care costs constantly rising, it's no surprise that one of your major concerns during a divorce is how you are going to pay for medical care after your split from your spouse is finalized.

Long list of boxers, wrestlers who've fallen behind in child support payments

As we all know by now, celebrities and athletes aren't immune to failing to meet their child support obligations following the breakup of their marriages. A recent story by Yahoo! provides even more evidence of this. According to the story, former heavyweight champion and celebrity Evander Holyfield is now facing jail time for not meeting his court-ordered child support payments. Sources indicate that Holyfield has not made his payments in more than two years and owes roughly $375,000 in back child support. Yahoo! reports that Holyfield, in addition to possible jail time, also faces the prospect of having his wages garnished. Interestingly, the Yahoo story also ran down a list of fellow pro fighters and wrestlers who have failed to make their child support payments.

Update: Media reports discussing man with 30 kids were inaccurate

A few weeks back, news outlets and internet media publications all over the United States were abuzz over a story about a Tennessee man dealing with major child support problems due to the fact that he had 30 children with multiple women.

Facebook blamed in many divorce cases

With the increased use of Facebook for social reasons, some people have blamed Facebook for being the cause of the break-up of many marriages in Texas. In fact, according to a recent article, the word Facebook has occurred in approximately one third of divorce cases. Divorce attorneys have also attested to divorcing parties increasingly pointing to Facebook or similar social networking websites as partly to blame for the break-up of marriages.

The financial challenges facing divorcing baby boomers

A growing number of baby boomers are filing for divorce, according to a recent story by Fox Business. The story cited numbers from a pair of sociologists at Bowling Green State University who found that in 2009, one in four divorces in the United States were among baby boomers. That's a figure that has risen from one in 10 divorces back in 1990. And while divorce is a challenge at any age, it can be an especially difficult experience for boomers. That's because older couples face more complex financial issues when divorcing thanks to the larger role played by retirement funds. The Fox Business story quotes a financial adviser who says that everyone who gets divorced experiences some degree of financial difficulty, a reality that holds especially true for divorcing baby boomers.

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